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19 Apr

Communication campaigns that stand out

Darius recently helped ‘do his bit’ by litter picking where he lives as part of the @Great British Spring Clean, but didn’t expect it to be the inspiration for some words on the power of successful communication campaigns.

06 Dec

Top tips on how to write a winning award entry

At Mosaic we are often asked by our clients to support them in producing award entries and have had fantastic success over the years, so here are our top tips for writing award submissions.
Win scrabble tiles

12 Jul

Top tips for successful PR

Here at Mosaic PR & Digital we have found time and again that the key to successful PR is to employ creative people who have excellent track records either in PR or journalism and who never give up! If you've always wondered how to get your story in the media, here's our top tips for successful PR.
100% success written on a blackboard

14 Jun

How to keep control of your website

It’s a situation we come across all too often, a business losing control of its website. Generally a web design company has organised registration of the domain and hosting and created the site for a client, and then it is handed over, job done.

In this blog we explain how this can happen and provide advice on the best way to avoid it happening to you.

How to keep control of your website - Advise from the Experts at Mosaic PR & Digital

17 Nov

The importance of social media for housing associations

If you work for a housing association that doesn't use social media, this blog is for you. It's important for housing associations to take a step into the future and join the wonderful world of social media marketing, because if your tenants are using social media you should be too.
Social media for Housing Associations

21 Oct

How time flies in tech

With Mosaic celebrating its 15th anniversary, our Video Producer Darius G Laws reflects on the changes that have taken place in the world of technology and the impact this has had on our lives...

As the nation awoke on January 1st 2000 it became clear we had just about survived the 'millennium bug'. Since then the proliferation in broadband Internet and social media have fundamentally changed the way in which we communicate with each other, receive information and organise our lives.

01 Oct

'A Modern Mosaic' limited edition charity prints for sale

To mark and celebrate Mosaic's 15th anniversary this year, we have created our own original Mosaic artwork titled 'A Modern Mosaic', as part of Firstsite's Open Exhibition showcasing local art. Our talented Graphic Designer Lindsay Palmer created the masterpiece, which features a mosaic of the skyline of Colchester.

To celebrate 15 years as a leading PR & Digital company in Essex, Mosaic PR & Digital's Lindsay Palmer graphic designer was commissioned to create a unique piece of artwork for Colchester exhibition

04 Sep

10 top tips for writing captivating website copy

We all know how to string a sentence together (endless English lessons at school helped with that) but whether you’re a freelance copywriter, an internal website copywriter for your company or are just curious, we want to show you how to write great copy for the web so here are my top 10 tips.

12 Aug

Ensuring your video performs to its fullest potential

In previous blogs we’ve discussed the importance of professional video in integrated marketing campaigns and why the first 30 seconds of those videos matter most. Now it is time to ensure that videos are performing to their fullest potential and benefiting your business or organisation.

03 Aug

Why are the first 30 seconds of a video so important?

Much like any form of web based media, it is so important to capture the attention of the viewer. Videos are no different. Unless you’re watching a music video or a film, chances are that you’ll stop watching a video on the internet in a matter of seconds if it doesn’t interest you. In marketing terms, this is sadly called abandonment.

29 Jun

Sharing is Caring

The new Care Act means individuals will have far more choice over how they purchase and receive care. If you are in the care sector, perhaps running or marketing a residential care home, or supplying relevant services, now is the time to step up your marketing activities, including social media.

A strong online presence is crucial and social media is a free way to ensure this. Remember the family of a potential resident is very likely to go online to make an initial search, so give them something positive to see.

24 Jun

Video as part of an integrated marketing campaign

Adding original video content is a good way to increase engagement in digital marketing. Visual marketing can encourage social sharing, meaning more exposure and awareness. Video can also serve as an insightful way to showcase information which would otherwise be bound to a text or image format. Why not make a video about your product and services to add that extra dimension?

02 Jun

Educationalists embracing the power of video

Whether choosing a school, college or university, parents and prospective students are increasingly looking at more than just the traditional prospectus and web pages. Promotional video for schools, colleges and universities is increasingly the go-to medium for parents and pupils alike.

27 May

Help us set a Guinness World Record at Street Wise

Are you looking for a fun day out that all the family can take part in and enjoy? Do you want to learn about how to be healthy and happy in your day to day life? Well here’s your opportunity on Saturday 13th of June at the Colchester Institute from 10am to 4pm, with one of the biggest events of the year, Street Wise!


Streetwise dancing in the street

21 May

New to shooting video?

Experienced communications' professionals will tell you how amazed they were that it 'took so long' to film that 'little' three-minute video. To put it into context, the next time you are watching a commercial break take a moment to consider the elements which might have gone into producing that thirty-second video – which might have cost millions of pounds.

17 Apr

The importance of key messages

When undertaking a proactive or reactive media campaign you should consider planning five pertinent points or 'key messages'. This will allow you to set the agenda and clearly communicate information. In many cases the journalist interviewing you might be a generalist and so, by preparing yourself, for example by attending a Mosaic media training course, you can prevent being exposed to any challenging questions.

13 Apr

Five things to avoid on social media

The majority of us use social media on a daily basis, whether for business or in our personal lives. It’s important to remember that when you use social media you are promoting to the online world, of millions of people, how you want to be perceived. If used incorrectly you can cause real damage to your brand so here are our top five things to avoid on social media.

31 Mar

Transitioning from intern to full time employee

Transitioning from intern to full time employee: Mosaic's intern Sophie Riordan provides her top tips to undergraduate and postgraduate students who are looking for a career in PR and digital marketing.

16 Mar

It’s only for the web…

"It’s only for the web" - this is a phrase I’ve often heard when marketing professionals try to play down the significance of the video production in hand. Perhaps they thought making a 'little' three-minute video isn’t as exciting as working with A-list celebrities on an advert directed by a famous film director? 


14 Jan

We just need a little three minute video!

If I had a pound for every time a client has said they 'just need a little three minute video'... When I'm hired for the job to produce a video it's because most clients don't have the skills and expertise to undertake this task for themselves.