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NHS Essex Health

This was an innovative and ambitious campaign, meticulously planned and executed. We would not have achieved the results that we did had it not been for the social marketing activities, strengthened by the social media campaign, driven by Mosaic Publicity encouraging young people to take a Chlamydia test.

Elizabeth Benomran, (Former) Senior Public Health Specialist at NHS North East Essex


The North East Essex NHS Primary Care Trust (PCT) set out to beat the national target of Chlamydia testing for 15 to 24 year olds (35% of the target demographic).

They also wished to promote healthy living and run awareness campaigns focused on decreasing risky behaviour such as unsafe sex, binge drinking and drug taking.

Mosaic’s ‘Essex Health’ campaign – encompassing social media, digital marketing and PR – helped NHS North East Essex exceed their STI test target and become one of the top five PCTs in the whole of the UK for the number of tests undertaken.


18,303 Chlamydia tests were undertaken – 40% of the target age group – which was the highest number in the Eastern region – ranking them fifth across the whole of the UK.

Additionally, Mosaic won the Best Use of Social Media award at the CIPR East Anglia PRide Awards.

NHS Essex Health Frisky or Risky Campaign

What we did

Mosaic developed the marketing campaign ‘Essex Health’, with social media engagement at its heart. Marketing tactics included:

  • Essex Health website
  • Facebook advertising
  • Social media management & engagement
  • Competitions – poster design for bus shelter raising awareness of binge drinking at Christmas, video creation highlighting the dangers of risky behaviours
  • Awareness videos
  • Cross-promotion with KISS Fm at nightclubs
  • Health promotion packs and freebies distributed to local schools & colleges
  • Recruiting Colchester United football players to become Essex Health ambassadors