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Company Car Today


Company Car Today required an online news and information hub for Fleet Managers, to accompany the company’s fortnightly printed publication.

Plus websites for their other associated magazines and awards:

Automotive Media & Events
Company Van Today
Company Car Tomorrow
CCT100 Awards

Company Car Today Website mockup- Mosaic Publicity
Company Car Today website mockup on ipad - Mosaic Publicity

What we did

Mosaic created website design concepts which featured a quick link navigation above the header to make it easy to navigate between associated magazine sites.

A challenge with site design was to achieve prominence for paid advertisers without the adverts having a negative impact on the overall site design or taking too much attention away from the site content. We overcame this by incorporating an advert into the slider on the Homepage, one in the site header and more adverts lower down the page and deeper into the site structure.

The ‘Reviews’ section of the website was of particular interest to the target audience – containing a number of different types of vehicle write ups and test drives. To draw attention to this part of the site we used a megamenu design in the main navigation and gave it high prominence on the Homepage underneath the slider.

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