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The commercial landscape rarely stays the same for long, so as a marketing agency who prides itself on working as an extension of your team we are always innovating on your behalf to ensure you have the tools to measure and evaluate the performance of your website and digital marketing activities.

We want to introduce the Mosaic Data Studio reports, which bring together your Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console and YouTube Analytics together to one place for you

This customised report can then be reviewed at any time, with real-time updates, and date comparisons to previous years. We can also arrange for the report to be automatically sent your team on a monthly basis.


Providing intelligent insights – how does it work?

Mosaic work with you to understand your digital landscape, evaluating what you want to report on, and then go about bringing the feeds together into a single marketing report.


What does it cost?

We will setup your customised reporting suite for just £300 +VAT.


Any questions?

Please contact the team to discuss your unique requirements, we can even integrate other special data feeds into your report, including Vimeo, Facebook Ads and many, many more.

To discuss enhancing your website marketing intelligence today drop us an email to start the discussion to

Google Analytics - Mosaic Publicity

1. Google Analytics

Understanding your website visitors

  • How many visitors you are receiving compared to previous period
  • How are they accessing your site?
  • Where in the world/country are they based?
  • How long do they stay on the site? where do they go?
  • Which Age and Gender groups visit the site?
  • What is your bounce rate? Is this important?

2. Google Search Console

  • How often does your site appear in Google’s search results?
  • How are people finding your site from search?
  • What countries are seeing your page in their search results?
  • What are your top landing pages vs search engine results?
  • What devices are people using when you appear in search results and click through?
  • What countries are people from?
  • What search terms are they using to your site?
  • What is your average position in search results?
Google Analytics - Mosaic Publicity
Google Analytics - Mosaic Publicity

3. YouTube Analytics

  • Which are your most popular videos?
  • When are people interacting with your video content?
  • Where are your video viewers located?
  • How many subscriptions and likes do you get?
  • What are people saying about your content?
  • Does your content get shared?

4. Google Ads

Understanding your PPC visitors

  • How many visitors you are receiving from Ads?
  • How does your spend compare to previous period?
  • Where in the world/country are PPC visitors based?
  • Which terms are sending visitors to the site?
  • Which Age and Gender groups click on ads?
  • Which creatives are performing best? and worst? Why?
  • Evaluating your return on investment (ROI)
Google Ads - Mosaic Publicity

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