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How to keep control of your website

by Gemma Rawlinson
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It’s a situation we come across all too often, a business losing control of its website. How does this happen?

Generally a web design company has organised registration of the domain and hosting and created the site for a client, and then it is handed over, job done.

This all seems great at the time, everyone loves having a shiny new website, but what happens a few years down the line when you want to update the website and you no longer have contact with the web company?

More often than not we find that a client has not been provided with any login, domain or hosting details and ultimately they have lost control of their website.

How to get back control of your website

Procedures are available with domain registrars to regain ownership of your domain name, but this is often a time consuming task, and if you’re successful you’ll only have your domain, not your website.

How can you stop this happening?

First of all make sure your website domain is registered to you and remember this does not need to be with the same company that hosts your site, though it’s often convenient to have everything in the same place.

What do you need to know about hosting a website?

Make sure you know who your website is hosted with. You either need ownership of hosting or at least a control panel login.

What do you need to access a content management system?

If your site has a content management system (CMS) ensure you have the administrator username and password so you can make changes to your website in the future.

How does Mosaic do it differently?

We are a web design company in Essex that takes a totally transparent approach to hosting and building websites.

Once we’ve found the best hosting solution to suit your needs we guide you through the registration process yourself. This means everything is set up in your name and you are paying directly for your hosting, you have control and can clearly see how much it will cost.

We always recommend using a content management system for your website as this enables you to make your own changes and updates.

Once we have completed your website you’ll receive a datasheet from us with a comprehensive list of all your settings, logins and passwords ensuring you have complete control at all times.

If you are looking for a new website design or want to update your existing website our expert team might be able to help.

by Gemma Rawlinson

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