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Become a Lecturer


The ‘Become a Lecturer’ integrated marketing campaign is aimed at combating shortages of lecturers in Further Education colleges and with independent training providers in Kent, Essex and East Sussex, the SELEP region.

it is particularly aimed at driving interest in key subject areas such as construction, health and social care, digital, accountancy and finance, engineering and catering.

Mosaic created a website at, along with a series of highly professional videos. Visitors are driven to the site – and through to college job vacancy pages – by a carefully targeted and highly successful Facebook ad campaign, backed up by PR and social media.


In just six weeks, the Facebook ad campaign drove more than 5,000 visitors through to college websites across the South East.

Become a lecturer website - Mosaic Publicity

Videos and Facebook ads central to the campaign

The Become a Lecturer videos feature individual lecturers from different colleges and learning providers talking about their job role, how much they love their job and the impact they make on  learners.

Watch our eight videos consecutively on the left through our YouTube playlist, or view the videos individually here.

Associated designs support the campaign

As well as creating the brand imagery, including logo, Mosaic also designed pull-up banners and leaflets for use at events.

Become a lecturer brochure - Mosaic Publicity

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