Video, Web Design

Honywood School


One of the first places prospective parents and students will look when scoping out and choosing a school is the web.

Mosaic has provided website design for schools and colleges in Essex, capturing their unique essence and delivering information quickly and easily to online audiences.

Honywood School in Coggeshall required a new website and videos to promote its high quality teaching and meet the needs of its current and prospective students, parents and teachers by providing a hub of information.

What we did

Mosaic designed and built the Honywood website with its key audiences in mind.

The school provides its students with iPads to aid their studies and therefore it was essential that the website design was suitable for use on mobile & tablet.

On the Homepage we used striking imagery and key messages to encourage prospective students and parents to ‘explore Honywood’ online – directing them to visit a page with a campus map which provides an overview of each subject department and a quick link through to more information.

School video

Over the years, Mosaic has filmed numerous videos for Honywood School, showcasing its students, facilities and ethos.