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by Gemma Rawlinson
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The new Care Act means individuals will have far more choice over how they purchase and receive care.

If you are in the care sector, perhaps running or marketing a residential care home, or supplying relevant services, now is the time to step up your marketing activities, including social media.

A strong online presence is crucial and social media is a free way to ensure this. Remember the family of a potential resident is very likely to go online to make an initial search, so give them something positive to see.

Which social media channel to choose?

If you’re new to this you will see there are lots of platforms to choose from; including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram to name but a few. Selecting the right channels is important; at first we would suggest using one channel such as Twitter or Facebook and then go from there.

Make the rules – write a social media policy

Writing a social media policy is one of the most important things you will need to do. It’s important that that all posts are the correct tone for your business and are not breaking any rules, for example, it’s vital to respect residents’ privacy and confidentiality at all times. It should also outline the correct procedure for dealing with a complaints or negative coverage.

Engage with your audience on social media and share

From personal use I’m sure you know that some of the best companies to follow are those that engage the most with their supporters and frequently update their pages, so you too need to do this. Social media allows followers to get behind the personality of a company, making it such a powerful tool for customer relationships and recruitment. So why not share examples of best practice, customer and colleague news, achievements and events?

Showcase your services on social media

Don’t forget to tag your posts and add useful keywords and metadata so people can find your content.

Everyone loves a video, so create one to showcase your organisation and the fantastic work you do and share it on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. If you want to give your post an extra push, Facebook advertising allows you to specifically target the type of person you wish you see it with different choices such as age, sex and locations (even down to a specific postcode) – fantastic if you’re aiming your content at a certain demographic.

You can find us on FacebookTwitterYouTube and LinkedIn, so once you’re set up make sure you share your posts with us!

If you want to learn more about social media, our sister company Mosaic Media Training offers a social media course that can be completely tailored to your needs. Visit or give the team a call on 01206 841933 to see how we can help.

by Gemma Rawlinson

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