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Taking a strategic approach to web design

by Gemma Rawlinson
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If you’re commissioning a new website, you need to start by having clear strategic objectives about what you’d like your visitors to do once they reach your site.
The look of the site is extremely important, not least because pictures speak louder than words and people love to look at video. But it’s also really important to set goals that you can measure, so you see what your visitors are looking at and what’s driving results.
Start by deciding whether you’d like people to:

  • Buy products
  • Commission services
  • View videos
  • Download documents
  • Logon to their own area of the site
  • View news and blog articles
  • Enjoy your social media
  • Make a booking
  • Or something else

Measuring results in Google Analytics

All these are examples of measurable activities which you can track in Google Analytics, which give you an insight into audience behaviour and user journey, while you explain, inform, sell and entertain.
For example, as a result of viewing the video of a hotel, did they then go on to make an online booking? Or as a result of looking at your training course outlines, did they then book a course? Perhaps you are promoting event tickets – if so, what will make them convert into a paying customer? Maybe you have goods you would like to sell through your e-commerce website.

If you start with the end in mind, you can set ‘Goals’ in Google Analytics, which will record form submission, button clicks, PDF downloads, video views and more. When a visitor performs that goal, it is recorded as a ‘Conversion’.
Plus with Google Data Studio, which we would set up to track your goals, you can see what’s happening on your website at a glance, in real-time.

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by Gemma Rawlinson

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