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Top tips on how to write a winning award entry

by Gemma Rawlinson
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There is nothing better than being recognised by the industry or community you are based in for the hard work you do, so what better way to be acknowledged than by winning an award.

We always recommend to our clients that they enter business awards, whether local or national, as it is a fantastic way to show that they are the best in the industry.

At Mosaic we are often asked by our clients to support them in producing award entries and have had fantastic success over the years, so we thought we would share our top tips for writing award submissions

1. Choose the right award category and awards organisers
Firstly, when looking at which award category to enter read them thoroughly and make sure to choose one that is relevant to your business, if it helps look at the previous winners.

2. Register with the awards organisers
Once you have chosen the category it’s time to register and pay for your entry if required. Make sure that you meet the deadline for this.

3. Read everything that is sent to you by the awards organiser
After registering you will often be sent an entry pack, which will outline everything you need to complete for your submission.

Take the time to read this carefully as it will provide you with all the information you need, such as the questions you need to answer, how to submit your entry e.g. either hard copy or online, what supporting materials you need to provide, how the entry will be judged and most importantly the deadline. If you are unsure of anything in your pack just ask.

4. Make a start with your organisation’s award submission
Don’t wait until the last minute to start writing an award entry, give yourself plenty of time to create the best submission you can.

Read all of the questions and requirements carefully and make sure you stick to them. Hints and tips will sometimes be provided showing what to include to receive extra points, if they are there, do them!

5. Proving it – demonstrate reasons why you should win the award
The best way to show success in an award entry is to include proven statistics and results where you can. Don’t make them up, you will be caught out.

6. Stand out from everyone else
The judges of the awards will be looking at hundreds of submissions, usually on one day, so other than writing winning answers, how else can you make an award entry stand out?

One way is how the award is presented, so if you can why not design the entry? Include lots of pictures and if allowed a USB with a video to help bring your story to life. If you are doing this, ensure each section is clearly marked making reference to the questions in the entry pack.

7. Proof read your award submission thoroughly
Once your entry is complete, take the time to read every question and answer carefully alongside the award requirements. Ask yourself, has the question been answered and is it within the word count? If not, revisit your answer.

Once you are happy with your answers ask someone else to read it. Quite often when you are reading your own work you can miss errors so it is always best to have someone else look at it.

8. Deadline day for awards submissions
Deadline day is looming so it’s time for the final checks. To ensure you don’t lose valuable points take one final look at the entry pack; have you got everything you need to submit together? Do you know where the award entry has to be sent to? Who is in charge of getting it there? Once you have the answers to these questions you’re good to go!

9. Results
More often than not if you have been shortlisted for an award you will be told before the event, when the big reveal will happen. These events are usually really fun and it’s great to take a team along so when you (hopefully) win you can collect your award and get lots of great pictures.

If you weren’t successful, don’t be disheartened, ask for feedback from the organisers and try again next year.

10. Shout about it
If you have won the award congratulations! It’s now time to tell everyone. Write your own press release the day after the awards and contact the organisers to get a picture from the event of your team with the award. Send these to the local newspapers, trade press and put it on your website and social media. You’ve won, so let the world know!

We hope these tips help you to write your own winning award entry, but if you would like some help our team of expert writers are here to assist, please do contact us for more information on 01206 841 933 or

by Gemma Rawlinson

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