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Video as part of an integrated marketing campaign

by Gemma Rawlinson
Video as part of an integrated marketing campaign - Mosaic Publicity

Adding original Video as part of an integrated marketing campaign is a good way to increase engagement in digital marketing. Visual marketing can encourage social sharing, meaning more exposure and awareness. Video can also serve as an insightful way to showcase information which would otherwise be bound to a text or image format. Why not make a video about your product and services to add that extra dimension?

Not only can video be embedded within websites, but you can also double its usefulness by sharing on social networking sites as tools for promotion.

By having multiple functions, video is an effective channel for marketing communications – whether internal or external. Either of these video purposes can be fulfilled by utilising video to its fullest potential and integrating it within marketing campaigns.

That being said, many digital marketing efforts go to waste if they’re not complying with Google, which is arguably the biggest search hub in the world. Recently, they have made some changes making web pages with video much more likely to be better placed in search results. So if there ever was a reason to add professional video to an integrated marketing campaign, this is it.

Businesses are taking publishing into their own hands and incorporating original content into their digital channels. As daunting as this may sound, it really isn’t. Gone are the days where videos featured only on television at extortionate costs. Today, you can get a professional quality video produced for any purpose and have it readily available as a visual alternative to text information on the smallest of devices. This interactivity is both measurable and effective in converting lurking customers.

Small businesses – it’s not just for big companies! The task of investing in video is often misjudged, which is why Mosaic is offering its expertise in professional video production. New to shooting video? Considering video as part of your integrated marketing campaign? Not sure where to start? We are equipped with the fundamental research and expertise to create professional video for the web, for your organisation.

by Gemma Rawlinson

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