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Why are the first 30 seconds of a video so important?

by Gemma Rawlinson
Why are the first 30 seconds of a video so important? - Mosaic Publicity

Why are the first 30 seconds of a video so important? This article aims to cover why it is necessary to get the attention of the audience so quickly!

Much like any form of web based media, it is so important to capture the attention of the viewer. Videos are no different. Unless you’re watching a music video or a film, chances are that you’ll stop watching a video on the internet in a matter of seconds if it doesn’t interest you. In marketing terms, this is sadly called abandonment.

For videos that are longer than a minute, those first 30 seconds can make a world of difference.

Videos are commonly used on the web for promotional purposes, so making the most out of them should be a priority if they are being used as part of integrated marketing campaigns.

Viral videos especially tend to be shorter than a minute – even as short as 6 seconds! Given the popularity of short videos, it is clear that internet users are looking for content which is precise and to the point, without giving up their precious time to watch lengthy videos. Today, large corporations are pushing their brands in videos under 10 seconds on social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. The possibilities are endless!

We’ve all swiped past disinteresting content in a matter of seconds or turned off videos because they aren’t entertaining or informative. Set the tone, sell the story and keep it simple. With that being said, the creative capacity video provides should not be underestimated.

At Mosaic, we deliver engaging, professional videos which focus on key messages to capture audiences and promote organisations. We believe that video marketing is the future for many industries and those who choose to invest today, are better prepared for tomorrow.

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by Gemma Rawlinson

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