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Ensuring your video performs to its fullest potential

by Gemma Rawlinson
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In previous blogs we’ve discussed the importance of professional video in integrated marketing campaigns and why the first 30 seconds of those videos matter most. Now it is time to ensure that videos are performing to their fullest potential and benefiting your business or organisation via Video Marketing.

Having a video on your website is exciting. With that in mind, it is important to ensure that as an investment, it is giving you results. Utilising professional video can be taken to the next level by milking its use in PR, sharing it across channels, optimising its SEO functionality and using the analytics and metrics to lock down on target audiences.

This can be achieved in many ways and our expertise will allow you to make the first steps to successful video yourself. Here are some tips on how you can make the most out of video:

Optimising your video is imperative!

Transcribe the video, give it an appropriate title, tag it, and give it an SEO-friendly description loaded with all the right keywords

Hosting your video – what are the options?

Video hosting services like Vimeo and YouTube provide statistics and metrics to show how your video is performing and as they are hubs for online video, it gives yours a better chance of being watched

Now to share your video with the world

Share the video on all social networking websites. Twitter and Facebook support video uploads allowing connections to play them from any device. claims that lack of promotion on social media is a guaranteed reason why no one finds your video in order to watch it

At Mosaic, we recognise the importance of making videos perform which is essential when you think about the time, effort and investment that goes into producing video in the first place!  This is why we offer a video optimisation service; ensuring that your video can be found on key word searches and reach your target audience.

Our media training courses are also designed to fulfil your understanding of video marketing to ensure that you are practicing it in a way that will drive results. To find out more, take a look at our video production for the web training and give us a call on 01206 841 933.

by Gemma Rawlinson

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